It is the duty of the Trustees to audit the books.  

The audit is a process to verify the accounting for all monies received by the Auxiliary and all monies disbursed by the Auxiliary.

·        Verify monies received are in the correct fund

·        Verify receipts for cash are shown

·        Disbursements by check – verify the check number, date, payee and purpose are shown

·        Verify the back side of reconciled checks are included.

·        Receipts for purchases are included

·        Accounts are being reconciled monthly

·        Bond amount is sufficient and approved by membership

·        Appropriate tax forms have been filed


Auxiliary Trustees need to know what an audit entails and then they can decide how to complete the task. The end result of a proper, complete audit is the goal and the Trustees can find the method that works for them.

It is not the duty of the Trustees to correct the Treasurer’s or the Secretary’s records, but the duty of the Treasurer or Secretary. The Trustees check the Treasurer’s and the Secretary’s books during the audit and report their findings in their report. If any mistakes are reported, the Treasurer or the Secretary, himself/herself, shall be directed by the President to make the necessary corrections(s) in his/her book. The Trustees shall sign the audit after all mistakes, if any, have been corrected. 

Auxiliary Audit Form Instructions

Auxiliary Audit Form with Calculation Explanation

Auxiliary Blank Audit Form (PDF) 

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