February 25, 2024

 To All Department Auxiliary Members,


I hope this letter finds everyone healthy. My health is good. I did not have a severe stroke.  It was a small TIA, caused by A-fib, and it only effected my speech for a day. I am feeling well. My cardiologist has released me and vascular reports are good–no blocked arteries. I have quit smoking. It’s been 5 weeks yesterday–quite a task after 54 years. I’m still staying with Brian and Shelly Ravak for health reasons. They have been taking great care of me!

I want to thank everyone for cards, flowers and gifts. I received cards from all over the country–Auxiliaries, Departments, National offices and PNP. Thank you all! Thank you to Renee for stepping up at Midwinter and everything you have done during my absence. I have been keeping up with our membership numbers. We are almost at 100% Thanks Shirlee!

Bataan Death March is coming up on March 16th, the first time it will be on a Saturday. Post 6917 is having our annual Corned Beef Dinner on Friday, March 15th. If you have never been to Bataan, it is quite the weekend.

Chairman, thank you for the great job you are all doing. Auxiliaries, please report all you do.

 I have the best officers in the VFW A!




Department President

Beth Miller

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